Frank Anderson

Digital Media Teacher Teaches Dances To AI – Technical

A tech professor is leading a research team focused on teaching artificial intelligence to dance, and they plan to put on a dance performance with their creation at the end of the project. Brian Magerko, professor of digital media, works at the heart of computation and creativity, and his new …

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Art is back at the Poway Center for Performing Arts

Art exhibits are back in the lobby of the Poway Center for the Performing Arts. Lawrence Brillon’s collection of digital photographs “A Lone Paradise” is on view until the end of September. According to the exhibit’s online description, “There are places that are looted, abused, neglected and ultimately forgotten. There …

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How music can literally heal the heart

In a maverick method, nephrologist Michael Field taught medical students to decipher different heart murmurs using their stethoscopes, trills, appoggiatures, and decrescendos to describe the distinctive sounds of heart valves closing and blood flowing. flows through the leaky valves in the plumbing troubles of the heart. . Separately, in music …

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