Why vitamin C is crucial in collagen dietary supplements

The best solution to promote your physique’s pure collagen manufacturing is to collagen supplementation. * Hydrolyzed collagen peptides, equivalent to these present in collagen powders, could be absorbed into the physique. As soon as absorbed, they work for assist the fibroblasts in your pores and skin, or the mechanism within the cell that really makes collagen and elastin. * Research present that collagen dietary supplements can promote wholesome pores and skin by smoothing nice strains, bettering agency texture and even sustaining hydration. *

This is the vitamin C lure: your physique cannot effectively produce collagen with out antioxidants. * Vitamin C is definitely able to promote the manufacturing of fibroblasts, have a tendency to wreck collagen DNA, and regulate collagen synthesis, or the way in which collagen is made. * “Vitamin C is a key cofactor within the synthesis of collagen and elastin, [which helps] give your pores and skin a plump and youthful look ”, says Keira Barr, MD, licensed twin counsel dermatologist. *

But it surely additionally goes additional, as a result of vitamin C may play a protecting position. (As if that wasn’t sufficient already!) Vitamin C stabilizes the collagen you have already got due to its antioxidant properties, which may also help neutralize harm attributable to free radicals, the primary supply of collagen breakdown and DNA harm. *

However your physique can not produce vitamin C by itself; it have to be ingested. To make issues simpler for you, mindbodygreen + grass-fed collagen already combines the components into an efficient powder. The complement additionally comprises different components just like the aforementioned hyaluronic acid, Vitamin Eand a number of different pores and skin assist actives.

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