When it comes to borrowing money

E-Money not only deals with picking up oil, but for example, they are also engaged in various financial services. One of these is Bank Good Finance, which has now also made its entry into the Swedish market.

When it comes to borrowing money


From them it is a private loan that it is about. This differs slightly from those that are otherwise offered in the Swedish market as it partly starts a bit lower at USD 5,000 but then extends all the way up to USD 400,000. You can also get a maturity of a full 15 years, which is a few years longer than the Swedish lenders offer. In addition, a regular private loan applies.

If you have E-leg or Bank ID, you can use this to borrow to identify you in an online application. Anything that saves you time on these papers doesn’t even have to be sent to you by mail to be signed. This allows you to get your money into your account faster.

Terms and conditions for borrowing from Bank Good Finance


Although their private loans differ slightly compared to the others who work in the Swedish market, the requirements placed on you do not really differ at all. This means that you are required to be 18, have no payment notes, are registered in Sweden for at least three years and have an income.

The exact size of the income cannot be said in advance as this is governed by how much money is to be borrowed, etc. But expect that you need to make so much money that it is considered perfectly reasonable that you can pay back the loan. Whether you can borrow or not is determined after a credit check has been performed.

For example, Bank Good Finance offers the following types of products:

  • Private loans from USD 5,000 up to USD 400,000.
  • Credit card
  • Savings account

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