This is what Daddy Yankee drives in his latest music video – The Panther Amphibious Car

When California-based manufacturer WaterCar was formed in 1999, their goal was to build the fastest amphibious vehicle in the world. He stayed true to his words, and in 2010 the company was awarded a Guinness World Record for amphibious speed with its first prototype model, the Python. As a result of this accomplishment, she produced her first street-legal vehicle, the Panther, and that’s what Daddy Yankee drives in his latest music video.

Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee has released his latest music video for his collaboration song, “Sal Y Perrea”. In the clip, we see several vehicles, as it includes four 2021 Cadillac Escalade and a Chevrolet Corvette C3, among others. But while all of them deserve their time in the spotlight, one of them stands out: the WaterCar Panther.

Papa Yankee casually appears behind the wheel of the car on the road, before taking him into the water without hesitation. Seemingly unimpressed with the other yachts around him, Yankee is as comfortable in his car boat as he looks on any other vehicle. It feels like a fun ride, as the rapper takes it adrift, splashing water left and right. Despite this, it appears that Yankee remains completely dry the entire trip. Fiction or reality?

The company said the goal was to produce a product that offered quality, reliability and maintainability before releasing it to the market. So he worked and developed the vehicle until it reached the required quality standards and in 2013 offered Panther for sale.

Taking inspiration from the Jeep Wrangler, the Panther has become a highly customizable vehicle. The end buyer would have a say in the appearance of his Panther, whether for exterior or interior, offering an unlimited range of fabrics, colors and graphics.

Getting back to the company’s goal of creating the fastest amphibious vehicle, have they been successful? Let’s talk about its specifications, for a change.

Yes, the car-boat is still the fastest there is (it’s true, there aren’t that many). In the top configuration, power is provided by a rear-mounted 3.7-liter engine, mated to a manual transmission and rear-wheel drive. It develops 305 horsepower at 6,300 rpm and maximum torque of 274 lb-ft (371 Nm) at 4,500 rpm. The manufacturer says it can reach a maximum of 128 km / h on dry land and 38 knots on the water. It’s 70 km / h on the water, which gives the four-seater enough power to make a pleasant ride with friends.

The Panther is obviously not the prettiest or fastest car on the market. While it does have its advantages, it doesn’t seem like it offers a lot of space for fun on the water like you would in a boat. Passengers should be seated all the time, and returning after a swim to sit in the leather seats could be uncomfortable. But maybe it’s just me.

So how much would it cost? To be honest, a lot. In 2015, they listed the Panther at $ 100,000 for the standard version. Is it worth it ? It’s up to you to decide.

But here’s where a vehicle like WaterCar’s Panther would really come in handy. If you live in a flood zone, owning it would make your life easier and allow you to continue with your daily activities. Another advantage would be that the car could take alternative routes if there are boat ramps to avoid traffic jams. Just bring it to the water, and you are ready to go! It is also very handy when you are Daddy Yankee and want to shoot a new video.

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