Stabbing victim rescued by workers at Derby strip club

Gate staff at a Derby club helped save a man who was bleeding heavily after he was stabbed by a teenager on a city center street.

A quick-thinking bouncer put a tourniquet around the leg of the victim who had collapsed outside the Baby Platinum lap-dancing club in Victoria Street.

Derby Crown Court heard how paramedics arrived and had to detour to collect more blood to help the 36-year-old, such were the severity of his injuries.

Today the 16-year-old from Derby, who was stabbed in connection with a gang attack, was sent to juvenile detention for four years.

Judge Jonathan Bennett said: “It was a group attack, there were a lot of you.

“He was stabbed twice by you and violence was inflicted by others.

“After being stabbed, he was bleeding profusely, crossed the road and collapsed.

“It is to their credit that the gate staff acted so quickly and in the way they did that their position was not more serious.

“It was downtown in the wee hours of the morning and the public is rightly worried about what’s going on.

“And you were under the influence of alcohol and other substances.

“If you were an adult, the starting point after a trial would be nine years.

“But I take into account that you are a 16 year old teenager and as such the guidelines state that you receive between half and two thirds of the credit.

Gregor Purcell, prosecuting, broadcast on CCTV the attack which took place in Green Lane in the early hours of October 30 last year.

It showed the victim sitting on the ground when suddenly surrounded by four people, including the accused.

In the clip, one of the group kicks the man while the accused, whose identity is protected by law, pulls out a knife and stabs him once in the leg and a second times in the chest.

The footage then follows the victim as she crosses Victoria Street, collapses against a letterbox, and then falls onto her back.

The staff at nearby Baby Platinum then rush to her aid as other revelers simply walk past.

Mr Purcell said: “Fortunately his injuries are not what we commonly call ‘life threatening’ but there was a risk due to the loss of blood.

“One of the gate workers applied a tourniquet to his leg and on his way to the hospital the ambulance had to make a pit stop to draw blood to stabilize the complainant.

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“He suffered three lacerations, one to the right chest wall, one to the front of the chest wall and one to the inside of the thigh.”

Mr Purcell said the victim spent some time in hospital but has since been released and is now back at work.

The teenager, from Derby, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and possession of a bladed item.

He has previous convictions, but not for similar cases.

The court was not told whether charges had been brought against the three other youths involved in the attack.

Mitigating Chris Aspinall said that since his client was remanded in custody, the defendant has taken classes and been rated as “doing very well” in terms of anger management and emotional issues.

He said: “Everything he’s done in custody seems to be overwhelmingly positive, he’s taking the opportunity.

“He knows he’s going to spend a considerable amount of time in custody and at the age of 16 it will be a significant percentage of the life he’s lived so far.

“And he knows he’s there with his own hands.”

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