Southwest Companion Pass can be accessed through credit card for two more days

Southwest Airlines Companion Pass Is Still The Most Value In Travel

I’ve written about my thoughts on the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass in the past, calling it the most affordable option for traveling to US travelers. This is still the case. Companion Pass is available to Rapid Rewards members who have earned 125,000 points (through specific channels) within a calendar year. Once this goal is reached, Companion Pass holders will be able to. Companion Pass gives holders the possibility of adding companions on any Southwest flight, regardless of whether the ticket was purchased using points or cash.

Here are the details about Companion Pass:

  • Valid throughout the year during which it’s earned and for the entire following years.
  • A companion may be added to any flight with at minimum one available seat.
  • The companion can be replaced three times per calendar year.

Companion Pass qualifiers:

  • Earning 125,000 of the Rapid Rewards qualifying points
    • Bonus points earned from credit cards can be counted
    • Rapid Rewards points earned from the use of credit cards are counted
    • Points earned through Rapid Rewards from the flight are calculated (as they accumulate)
    • Points earned from Rapid Rewards through shopping sites and commerce partners are counted
    • Attributes that are transferred via Ultimate Rewards will not count towards Companion Pass
    • Hotel transfers don’t count towards Companion Pass
    • The points you earn from Rapid Rewards purchases don’t count towards Companion Pass

For our trio of family members, the ability to pay for one of our trips is an essential benefit for us. However, as a child, when she was a baby on a lap, we all flew at the cost (in dollars or points) of one individual.

Soon to be Expiring Southwest Airlines Credit Card Offers to Create Companion Pass Easy To Obtain

A resurgence in travel around the world are bringing airlines back from the brink however, the recovery could come too late for some carriers who are facing the possibility of filing for bankruptcy, BankruptcyHQ analysis shows.

Many offers a range of Southwest Airlines credit cards that provide substantial bonuses over the coming days, making it possible to get the Companion Pass easy to obtain. Several months ago, the promotions were announced and will expire on December 7, 2021, at 11:59 pm.

  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card
  • Southwest Rapid Reward Premier Credit Card
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card

First, personal cards are to be compared. The three cards all offer the chance of receiving 100k bonus points upon having spent $12,000 in the first twelve months. It should be mentioned that this bonus can be divided, with Southwest offering 50,000 Rapid Rewards points when you spend $2,000 in the first three months. After that, another 50,000 bonus points after an additional $10,000 if consumed within 12 months from opening the card.

The annual charges on the credit cards of Southwest are reasonable: $69 for Plus and $99 for Premier. The Priority card costs $149. The three cards are rewarded with 2x points for every dollar used on:

  • Local transit, commuters, and rideshare applications (Uber, Lyft, etc.)
  • Internet phone, cable, and other streaming services
  • Car rentals and hotels are made through Southwest
  • Southwest flights are no longer available, but Priority and Premier are now Premier, and Priority gets third rapid Reward points per dollar on Southwest flights.

All three cards earn 25% cashback on in-flight purchases, including wifi, drinks for adults, or others. Southwest Plus and Southwest Premier card holders can avail of two early bird check-ins each year, and Priority cardholders receive (4) enhanced boardings each year (when they are available) along with the option of a $25 Southwest annually credited travel. Cardholders who have the Priority or Premier card also earn 1,500 points that qualify as tier-qualifying points to A-list status for every $1000 spent each year (which each would make in the event of achieving the total bonus from this offer). The two groups of cardholders are not affected by international foreign transaction charges. All cards can earn (1) one Rapid Rewards Point for every dollar spent that is not listed in these categories.

Southwest credit cards include an annual bonus for retention of 3,500, 6,000, or 7,500 points upon the anniversary of the cardholder when using the Premium, Priority, and Priority credit cards.

Business Credit Cards

The Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card comes with some of the best exciting features I’ve ever seen on a credit card issued by an airline and could be the reason to grab the card. Its Performance variant offers unlimited wifi in-flight sessions. The usual charge of $8 is charged to the card, and it is credited within two weeks after the date of the cost. I’m not aware of any other card that provides free WiFi for business travelers with small budgets or consultants. This alone could be an enormous benefit.

The current bonus offered to The Southwest Rapid Rewards Business Card offers 10,000 points (instead of 100,000 points for other cards); however, it requires only $5,000 of spending within the first three months to qualify for it.

The remainder of the benefits closely match those of Southwest Priority credit card with some notable differences:

  • $100 Global Entry, or TSA PreCheck fee refund every four years
  • 4x points on Southwest flights booked using this card (instead of 3x points on Priority)
  • $500 waived transfer fee (to transfer the attributes of employees) as well as
  • Nine thousand bonus points are awarded upon the cardholder’s anniversary compared to 7,500.

Small business owners might be eligible for Southwest Performance through their business in total. Still, those who are building their business or have not established themselves as significant enough companies to justify their credit score might have to apply the personal score for the business applications. In general, FICO scores of 700 or more are considered secure for both personal and business credit cards.

Businesses that don’t have personal Southwest cards can apply for both during the same month so that they have less than five new applications for credit cards within the last 24 months. This will use both bonuses and guarantee Companion Pass is achieved even with just $7,000 of spending during the first three months ($2,000 per card for individuals, and $5,000 for business cards.)

The only travel credit card My wife has used all The Time

There have been some fantastic credit card deals released this year. LiveAndLetsFly recommends and uses our readers to great deals when they’re available, but we make it the rule not to blog on them in depth. I’ve written the card recommendation twice before this one in the past year. The truth is that most of our readers and every author here at LALF make use of frequent travel reward credit cards; therefore, having them discussed from time to time is logical.

This Southwest personal credit card deal can be the only one that my wife has ever added to her credit card. The reason for this is easy: it’s the only one she could afford to pass on for the reasons listed below.

It’s a lot of points

It’s not just the sign-up bonus that we consider, but the total amount of points after receiving the compensation. Let me go over that in more detail. To get the bonus of 100,000 to receive from this card, we’ll need to spend at least $12,000 with the card. This will add the prize and an amount of at least 12,000 points added to the balance. That’s at least 112,000 points.

But, if we use the card to purchase Southwest tickets, we’ll get 3x points from these purchases, let’s say the purchase of $1,000. It will result in 115,000 points, assuming the rest of the expenditure is one-time rates. Let’s move some of the expenses associated with streaming, such as internet and phone bills, and costs associated with rideshare. We can boost our earnings towards companion passes and an enormous amount of Rapid Rewards points that can be redeemed if we make those flights and accrue points from these flights, closing the gap towards our goal of 125,000 points further.

Companion Pass is Valuable to Us

If we consider the minimum amount of 125,000 points earned, it’s a lot of flights booked with the airline when we’re ready to redeem. If you make 1.4C//point, this is worth $1,750, which is a special incentive to sign up if you add in the free companion who will travel on these flights together with my wife, the value doubles to $3,500.

The fact that you have a lot of rapid rewards points (in addition to the current balance) gives her the flexibility of traveling at your whim in a manner we could not do with other loyalty programs balances. We often use different currencies to pay for flights such as long-haul business class flights out of the country. 

The idea of burning Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles for a short trip to Seattle may seem like the best idea, but I’d prefer to save the 25k miles for an international business class trip with Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong for 50k instead. With the possibility of halving the cost of travel, using Southwest Rapid Rewards points, an excursion to Seattle is possible and reasonably priced without losing points that can be used elsewhere.

We also love the possibility to change the name of the companion up to three times a year (six times during the lifetime for the duration of the offer.) This allows only my daughter and wife to visit grandma’s house by using the pass to earn points or money and give both of us the alternative to make use of the excellent deal to travel to Aruba to enjoy a weekend getaway.

The cards can pay themselves.

The way into Companion Pass is a huge reason for these cards to pay for themselves. I’m genuinely shocked that they provide the same benefit throughout the entire range at the annual fee of $69. The Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority credit card, on the other hand, has the most significant impact.

In the absence of bonus and additional earnings, the credit of $75 for Southwest flights is the price of the annual fee ranging from 149-74 dollars net, putting it with the cheapest card that is the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus credit card which offers additional benefits. If I were flying to work more often, it could be an appropriate choice considering the internet rebates available – an enormous gain for business travelers without a doubt.


We don’t usually suggest particular credit cards on our website; however, with only a few days left on signing bonuses, it’s unprofessional not to mention it. We have a lot of value with this card, Southwest Companion Pass, and these bonuses make them highly achievable. 

Deciding to apply to get the card now is the ideal timing, not only for the rewards but also for the way early in the year the Companion Pass can be earned. If spending on Christmas would bring a customer more than $12,000 during their first billing cycle, the 112,000 points will be made in January. If the total amount (125,000 Rapid Rewards Points) were to be reached the same month, customers would be able to keep their Companion Pass for close to 24 months.

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