Manager of Gurugram club, bouncers arrested for beating and assaulting customers

Six bouncers and a club manager have been arrested after video clips of bouncers hitting customers outside a club in Gurugram went viral. A manager of a multinational has filed a police complaint alleging that bouncers at Casa Danza club in Udyog Vihar phase-2 of Gurugram beat them after he confronted one of them for misbehaving with a woman of their group.

The accused were identified as Sonu, Mandeep, Sumit, Nitin, Ram Singh, Rakesh and club manager Lokesh.

An FIR was filed after the Complainant alleged that he physically assaulted and molested his girlfriend. The plaintiff also said their money was stolen. The accused bouncers namely Sonu, Mandeep, Sumit, Nitin, Ram Singh and Rakesh have been arrested,” Kala Ramachandran, CP, Gurugram told ANI news agency.

FIR was registered against 10 including bouncers and club officials, under Articles 147 (riot), 149 (unlawful assembly), 323 (causing injury), 354-A (molestation), 379-A (snatching) , 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code at Udyog Vihar Police Station.

In the FIR, one of the men assaulted, a director of a multinational tech company, alleged that a bouncer misbehaved with his friend and touched her inappropriately as she stood in line. ‘waiting. He said when she objected to the assault, other bouncers and managers gathered there and started abusing her.

“The manager then came out and said to the bouncers, ‘Beat them and scare them away,’ the complainant alleged.

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“While we were all protesting, eight bouncers took us down the road, pushed us out the door and beat us. We were injured in the attack. The club officials also threatened to kill us if we were coming back to the club,” the complainant said. alleged, the PTI news agency reported.

Meanwhile, a bystander made a video of the attack which went viral on social media and, after enquiring, a police team rushed to the scene and rushed the injured to the hospital.

The plaintiff also alleged that the bouncers snatched a smartwatch and around 12,000 rupees in cash. He also submitted the viral video clip with his complaint to the police.


The club condemned the incident and fired its staff after the video, but denied the assault charges.

“We empathetically deny the allegations of sexual assault surrounding the bodyguard, as evidenced by the surveillance footage we have reviewed confirms that there was no crime or wrongdoing on the part of the personnel of the bodyguard. “security agency against the alleged woman or any other member of their group. It is pertinent to point out that we also have adequate female security personnel to ensure the protection of women at the club”, said the club Casa Danza in a press release.

“From naked eye reading of the videos and photographs, it is easy to see that the guests initially misbehaved verbally, which later turned out to be a bigger mess on both sides. “, did he declare.

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