Madge talks about vibrators and why they’re good for body and soul

Vibrators: Find out about the benefits and options available and why you don’t have to be embarrassed to have a good time!

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Let’s embrace all the gadgets that make us happy (and uh, okay, help us save 20 minutes). In this episode of Madge the Vag, Madge visits New York’s biggest sex toy store and learns all about the latest vibrator buzz. (Ha!) Because sometimes mom doesn’t have time for the old way. Bring the good vibes.

Things to Consider When Buying a Vibrator: Who Will You Use It With? Is it for masturbation or to use with your partner? So many options!

Don’t be embarrassed to browse and ask questions. If you are more comfortable you can buy them online and no, it won’t come in a box that says “fake penis”.

And remember, orgasms are good for your body. So go to town!

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More About Madge the Vag: Madge the Vag is an eccentric mum on a mission to get the word out (literally) all over the vagina. She may have a wardrobe from the 1950s, but approaches women’s vaginal health in a refreshing way that’s very current. Madge highlights a taboo subject or difficult issue that many women face, but who may be afraid to talk about it. She interviews experts on a range of topics such as public hair, yeast infections, and sex.

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