Local dance team raises funds after being scammed for thousands of dollars

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – A local dance team in Richmond are scrambling to raise money for their next competition after someone scams them out of thousands of dollars.

The Dynamic Dance Academy, a group of 60 students, has been raising money since March to compete in Birmingham, Alabama, in August.

But dance academy owner Bre Jones said those plans were temporarily put on hold after someone stole $ 5,000 from his account.

“Eyes red and tearful. I look in the emails and everything looks so legitimate, ”Jones said.

She had received a call Wednesday from a man posing as a Bank of America representative.

He told her there was a pending transaction of $ 4,924 through Zelle. He asked her to provide him with a verification code and confirm the last four digits of his account number to void the transaction, according to Jones.

“I checked the code and literally within seconds the money was gone,” she said.

There was only $ 0.32 left in the account on Tuesday night.

Jones received emails sent from a fake Bank of America domain and a transaction confirmation email from Chase, a bank with which she does not have an account. She immediately opened a claim with Bank of America in person.

Jones says the ordeal impacted the entire team.

“It affects them and if they see me go it affects them, so the most important thing was to make sure they were ready,” she said. “They felt ready for the competition and were doing what we could to win back if not all, a majority to get us through.”

In the last few days, she has found different ways to get this money back.

“A car wash, we are trying to prepare a fish fry. So whatever we can do to prepare them for the competition, ”Jones said.

Zelle and Bank of America say that if you receive a call from a number that appears to be from your bank, never give out personal information such as a verification code.

Instead, hang up and call your bank directly or visit a branch in person.

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