Kinzler: Simple Vacation Cactus, Tomato Pollination, and Snow Vitamins

A: Thanks for the good photograph. Many people expertise the identical factor, with vacation cacti blooming sooner than ordinary. I believe our first interval of cool, wintry climate triggered the buds to seem.

Vacation cacti, which embrace the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter varieties, are triggered into flower bud formation by an interplay of cool nighttime temperatures and / or lengthy darkish nights. Home windows typically have a barely cooler microclimate than the inside of the room, which helps set off bud formation. This yr, the primary interval of chilly and snowy climate within the area helped create cool areas inside many home windows, serving to cacti to bloom.

For anybody who experiences a vacation cactus that will not bloom, strive putting it close to a window that cools down at night time. If temperatures can’t be low sufficient, till the 60s within the window space, cacti may be made to flower by putting in a window in an unused room that continues to be darkish within the night, with out the electrical lights interrupting the ‘darkness. Cool temperatures are the best set off to take care of, but when that fails, lengthy, uninterrupted nighttime darkness is a secondary set off.


Q: I develop hydroponic tomatoes indoors. Ought to I pollinate them with a brush? – Birgit P.

A: Out of doors tomatoes are pollinated extra by wind than by bugs. The motion of air vibrates the flowers, which include each female and male elements in the identical flower. The motion causes the male pollen to unfold and land on the feminine half.

For tomatoes grown indoors, the motion of the wind may be duplicated by gently shaking the branches containing flowers. An artist’s brush might be used to softly sweep the within of every flower. Business greenhouse tomato growers typically use vibrating gear. An electrical toothbrush may even be used to vibrate every flower.

The College of Maryland performed analysis on greenhouse-grown tomatoes during which a leaf blower was used on the crops, dramatically rising manufacturing. As famous, there are a number of methods to shake the flowers sufficient to distribute the pollen in every flower.

Q: Is the moist snow that just lately fallen and lined my blue spruce branches good for the needles? My mature conifers are loaded with snow. Do the needles take in this moisture and is there nitrogen within the snow to assist the timber by way of the winter? Additionally, do I’ve to water them properly earlier than the bottom freezes? – Dean L.

A: The query of whether or not snow has fertilizer advantages is addressed by Michigan State College: “Snow may also contribute to soil fertility. Snowflakes entice dissolved natural nitrogen, nitrate, and ammonium within the ambiance, delivering it free to chilly, calm fields. Rain and snow collectively present between 2 and 22 kilos of nitrogen per acre every year. However even the fiercest winter storm is not any substitute for different types of fertilization. “

Likewise, the College of Minnesota claims that snow comprises vitamins, however not sufficient to assist plant development.

Each little bit helps, I assume, so relying on the surroundings, analysis reveals that there’s a small quantity of nitrogen fertilizer within the snow. Whereas leaves and needles can take in vitamins by way of their foliage in addition to roots in the course of the rising season, it’s questionable whether or not the needles can accomplish that in the course of the dormant season. When moist snow rests on the evergreen branches, breaking the branches is at all times a risk, so the snow and its low nutrient load higher land instantly on the bottom, relatively than being absorbed by the needles.

Soaking the soil round evergreens earlier than the bottom freezes strong helps alleviate winter harm from the results of solar and wind.

When you have a gardening or garden care query, electronic mail Don Kinzler, NDSU Extension-Cass County, at [email protected] Very attention-grabbing questions may be posted, so please embrace your identify, metropolis and state for correct steering.

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