Jeffree Star denies sexual assault allegations, threatens to sue outlet

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Jeffree told The Blast: “While Insider may believe that generating clickbait is more important than honest reports, facts always matter. This so-called exposure is nothing more than honest reports. than a slanderous collection of long-discredited allegations, misleading rumors from over a decade ago, and outright lies. Tellingly, all key people involved have refused to substantiate Insider’s false allegations , while many, including Jeffree’s reps, presented the reporter with a mountain of evidence proving these claims to be false. She, sadly and unethical, chose to ignore this evidence because it didn’t fit. not with its predetermined narrative.

They continued, “The Insider article is libel in the textbook, full of mischief, and showing a reckless disregard for the truth, and, therefore, Jeffree is considering all of his legal options.”

Jeffree Star denies the sexual assault allegations and threatens to sue the outlet that published the story.

Insider published a long story based on the accounts of several former associates of Jeffree. They detail alleged racist outbursts as well as physical and sexual abuse.

Sources accuse Jeffree of “sexually assaulting men around him through non-consensual oral sex and groping.” An accuser claims Jeffree pulled a stun gun at a guy who rejected him.

Jeffree’s lawyer denies the allegations in the article. The lawyer called the charges “false and defamatory”.

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