Jane Fonda becomes aware of using vibrators at age 79

While Ellen DeGeneres may feel the need to cover herself around the topic of sex toys to preserve the sanctity of daytime television, Jane fonda– also known as one of our most treasured national treasures – is not shy and is more than willing to answer any questions about her use of the vibrator. Which, as she will readily admit, is plentiful. “Use it or lose it, right?” ” she asked.

Fonda appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to promote the upcoming third season of the Netflix show Grace and Frankie, on which sex toys are about to play a big role. The second season ended with Fonda’s character, Grace, using her very first vibrator and quickly injuring her wrist, then straining her eyes to read the instructions. Grace and Frankie are thus launching a pretty brilliant new business venture in season three: purposefully designed sex toys for older women. And, as the actress explained to DeGeneres, she was more than happy to help with the behind-the-scenes research. After all, Fonda’s character may have only recently discovered vibrators, but that’s not true for Fonda herself. She says she even has a vibrator that “hangs around my neck and it looks like a beautiful silver jewelry. “But whether this convenience is really useful when Fonda is on the move” depends on who you are and what the bathroom looks like. “

Apparently never the type to show up empty-handed, the iconic actress even brought a vibrator to show and tell on television. DeGeneres had none of that though, reminding him, “This is the day…. I can’t show this” (who, really ?!), but Fonda never did. intimidated at hollywood conventions before, and she hasn’t been here. Instead, she took the vibrator out of the box, drawing the attention of network censors, who omitted Fonda’s demonstration, on air. No worries there, however. Fonda has absolutely no problem being verbally descriptive.


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