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In line with German managers like Jürgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel, GOAL! The Club Manager is destined to be a fan favorite when it releases later this year. Published by Toplitz Productions and 2tainment, GOAL! is the international version of the latest entry in the long-running hit ANSTOSS franchise.

OBJECTIVE! offers depth and realism and confronts you with the complexity of being a manager without getting lost in micromanagement and spreadsheets. You are a coach, manager, sporting director and CEO of the club all at the same time. You take care of the team, tactics, line-up, transfer market, club grounds, finances and much more. Create your dream team – if you can afford it!

OBJECTIVE! is designed not only to reflect the modern demands of a versatile club boss, but also to meet the needs of the player. OBJECTIVE! respects the time you have: Whether you want to live your game experience in depth, optimizing every aspect of your team down to the smallest detail or you prefer to play an entire season in an afternoon – GOAL! is the flexible soccer manager that caters to your preferences.

Plus, you’ll appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humour, tackling the sometimes all-too-serious business of today’s football, by scoring GOAL! Club Manager is an interesting alternative to more time-consuming management games. Regardless of that, a career with an in-depth skill system, finance, sponsorship, team management, contract negotiations, and detailed stats gives GOAL! everything managers need to dive in, including stadium environment and expansion, the transfer market, scouting and youth work. You might even become the head coach of your favorite national team. Are you ready to lead your team to victory?

OBJECTIVE! The club manager is available in early access on Steam and GOG.commarking the first new entry in the popular franchise (known as ‘Anstoss’ in Germany) in over 16 years.

“We are very excited to celebrate the season opener of GOAL! with 2tainment,” said Matthias Wünsche, CEO of Toplitz Productions. “The spirit of the franchise is already felt throughout Early Access and will only intensify with future updates and features.”

Stefan Weyl, CEO of 2tainment, is also delighted: “It has been a long road between the first concept and the current release in Early Access. But we didn’t let the pitfalls stop us and we’re proud to have launched a worthy successor to the glorious series with the loyal community and Toplitz. And we are far from finished. The roadmap is filled to the brim and we look forward to giving fans more and continuing on this path with them.

“For Early Access, we are focused on delivering the core of the single player experience. We plan to add many other features like National Teams and International Cup Competitions as soon as possible. will be constantly checked and refined, if necessary.

“New features such as online multiplayer or the ability to form national teams will be added over the coming weeks and months. Additionally, some areas of the game will be visually enhanced. Voiceovers will be added in all supported languages ​​and more. Of course, we will also fix bugs and further optimize GOAL! The club manager. The roadmap is full to the brim.

“The duration of the Early Access phase cannot necessarily be defined in terms of time. The deciding factors will be that A) we’ve included all the content we have in mind and B) we’re working closely with the community to ensure that this content fulfills its potential.

The following roadmap gives a brief overview of the most important milestones on the agenda until version 1.0. Additionally, the 2tainment team is working on bug fixes, game day improvements, and other features and optimizations, which will be released at regular intervals.

First released in 1993, the series is seen as a milestone for realistic sports management that blends tactical depth with deep involvement in all areas of the club, from finance to stadium expansions and a deep youth system, while adding a good dose of humor. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, 2tainment and Toplitz Productions look forward to working together on this title to provide players with a memorable experience as a club manager.

By fans. For Fans. With the fans.

This credo sums up this GOAL perfectly! The Club Manager means for everyone involved. The 2tainment development team is made up of die-hard football fans and avid players from past franchises. Their goal: to provide a gaming experience that evokes the spirit of Anstoss 3 (for many fans not only the best entry in the series, but still considered one of the best football managers in all time), while incorporating all the modern challenges and achievements that make the beautiful game what it is today. You are not limited to deciding the team, training or tactics. With GOAL! you are involved in finances, you take care of scouting the next talents in your youth system, you are responsible for transfers and the overall financial health of your club – while also managing your personal career.

This is the game for the fans, who devoutly follow their team every weekend, eagerly awaiting who will be chosen for the starting XI. For the fans, who celebrate every win, who lament every loss and tell everyone out loud why their team isn’t successful and what should be done differently.

Community feedback plays a vital role in development: the team is aware of the expectations and responsibility that come with rebooting this classic franchise. That’s why they rely not only on Kickstarter contributors, but also on the German football manager community as a whole for their input and feedback.

Main characteristics:

  • The tactical engine brings together classic managerial gameplay and the latest developments, methods and rule changes in modern football.
  • With the heatmap you can analyze and evaluate the performance of teams and individual players. Make changes, optimize tactics and directly see the impact of your decision.
  • Scouting and analyzing data is key to the long-term success of every club. Develop a global network and discover new talents.
  • They are personalities: each player has dozens of abilities and a multitude of character traits that influence their development and style of play. Know them to improve them.
  • Your character’s abilities as a trainer and manager are enhanced through an expanded skill tree, giving you more options and choices to specialize in. Are you a football scientist or an old-school manager who relies on hair dryer treatment?
  • Optional 3D scenes bring text mode to life
  • Simple and intuitive: The new edition of the beloved franchise offers an elegant user interface with a clear and efficient menu structure.
  • Help is just a click away: tutorials and tooltips offer help and guidance for all newcomers to the challenging job of club manager (*will be implemented during early access)
  • Become the coach of your favorite national team (*will be implemented during early access)
  • Multiplayer mode: nothing like Old Firm or Classico with your friends online. (*will be implemented during Early Access)

OBJECTIVE! The club manager comes to PC (Steam) in 2023.

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