Intelligently designed sex robots to change the way humans interact

In the 21st century, robotics is advancing by leaps and bounds. So much so that the latest creations of android robots greatly influenced by its hyperrealism. Japanese companies like Toshiba Company gave birth to a very ambitious project: the last cyborgs robots. It is the most controversial and well-known creation called Aiko Chihira. Chihira is a android girl with undoubted attraction to human eyes. It emphasizes the finesse and delicacy of its beautiful oriental features. This quality could potentially make it the first antecedent of the Future sex robot.

Currently, sex dolls are all the rage in the land of the Rising Sun.

Japanese people are frequent users of these sex toys and customers of companies such as Kanojo Toys and real doll. The high sales figures show it. Man and machine form an inseparable two-in-one whole. Human-Smartphone is the clearest example. This suggests that this association will reach the human intimate and sexual level and will not take long. Experts say that by 2050, relationships and marriage with robots will be a manifest reality.

Radical change

With regard to the field of sexuality, experts believe that in twenty years the panorama will undergo a Radical change. The inflatable dolls will give way to artificial intelligence robots that will adapt perfectly to our sexual needs. Vibrators will become obsolete.

An ethical debate is created. Would it be fair and moral to create robots that will satisfy our sexual appetites? There are conflicting opinions. On the one hand, those who defend that these androids would be an alternative to be considered for stopping pedophilia, sexual abuse and for the treatment and overcoming of trauma.

Others, on the contrary, advocate banning the marketing of these robots because they target sexual victims.

However, the Congress on Love and Sex with Today’s robots in 2017 are a reality. The resulting conclusions are worrying. Robots compete in physical resistance with humans since they do not feel any fatigue. Would always be at our disposal as they would never get sick and could offer us such pleasurable sex that there would come a time when we didn’t need another no one to have sex.

You would lose this intimacy, this skin-to-skin contact, this human warmth …

The answer is closer than you think and this synergy with robots could threaten our existence in times to come.


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