How chewing every bite 30 times changed my digestion

Me on the other hand? If I really think about it, I usually chew every bite of food just enough times that I can do not suffocate on it. Probably five to 10 chews max. So I admit that this whole “chew till liquefy” thing at first seemed downright over the top. But some modern day nutrition experts make some pretty compelling arguments for improving your chewing game.

It turns out that there are digestive enzymes in your saliva, and “when you don’t chew your food until it’s liquid, you are skipping an important part of your digestive process,” says Robyn Youkilis, a leading digestive health specialist and author of Go with your instincts which offers 21 free days chewing challenge. “I always remind my community ‘Your stomach has no teeth!'”

Lack of proper chewing, in turn, can lead to tummy issues like bloating, constipation, and even acid reflux, Youkilis says, and “because the rest of your digestive system has to do more work, you can experience this dreadful feeling. post-meal coma when you don’t take the time to chew. “

In addition, there is the whole mindfulness component. Chewing your food at least 30 times literally forces you to slow down. “The practice of chewing is what took the idea of ​​’mindful eating’ and brought it to life for me,” Youkilis explains. “Rather than saying that I am do not will scroll through my phone while I eat, I can instead focus on what I’m eating a m going to do, which is to completely chew every bite. “

But beyond improving digestion and being more present, chewing more could also go a long way in controlling your weight. According to a study, obese people tend to chew their food less than lean people. But when the researchers asked the obese and lean participants to chew every bite of food 40 times, both groups ate less and helped regulate their hunger and satiety hormones. Other research found that chewing your food until there are no lumps left helps your body burn slightly more calories – about 10 calories more per 300-calorie meal.

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