Golf club manager awards disgraced by brawl

The Golf Club Manager Awards 2021-22 descended into chaos after a fight broke out between the participants.

Host Lynn Benfield revealed the nominees for the ‘Golf Club With The Best PR’ category and joked that one of them, West Mellington Golf Club, could use their marketing skills to ‘make Bristol better “, which caused laughter, including initially from West Mellington manager David Hall.

However, the club is in fact based in Norfolk and its F&B manager appeared visibly distressed by the comment.

Moments later, Hall threw his chair over the table housing the Environmental Project of the Year nominees, who continued to laugh at the joke.

This led to a full-scale brawl and the whole ceremony had to be postponed and will now take place digitally in the future.

A bloodied Hall later apologized for his actions, saying “they always knew I was a loose cannon but I overstepped the mark this time”. However, he criticized the decision not to hold in-person ceremonies in the future. “I got into a little fight and the organizers got scared,” he said.

The winner of “Golf Club Manager of the Year” has not been announced but will be revealed later this month. “I still hope to win,” Hall added. “I hope to get my fresh prints on the trophy.”

One participant, Rose Main, said she was deeply disappointed by the violence.

“Before the fight, the category winner said ‘kids are our future’, while another explained how much she hated illness, poverty and even death,” she said. declared.

“All that good work will be forgotten now – and when people talk about the ceremony, it will probably be dominated by the seven people who have been hospitalized.”

(Ee Golf Business would like to clarify that this story is an April Fool’s Day joke).

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