Former Elgin Golf Club manager admits stealing £45,000

The former managing director of Elgin Golf Club has admitted to embezzling more than £45,000 from his accounts.

Barbara-Anne Rumbles was sobbing in the dock at Inverness Sheriff’s Court earlier today as details of her dishonesty were read.

The court heard the members were shocked when they discovered the club had suffered a massive loss and immediately ordered an audit of their accounts.

This investigation revealed that Rumbles, who was responsible for the day-to-day management and finances of the club, transferred money to his own bank account.

The 48-year-old was initially charged with embezzling £142,209.

But when she pleaded guilty to Sheriff Ian Cruickshank, that figure had been significantly reduced to £45,841.

Tax MP Pauline Gair said: “Any order over £3,000 required the Captain’s prior approval.

“But before the annual general meeting, the club were surprised to learn that they had suffered a significant loss and appointed accountants to carry out an external audit.

Rumbles, also known as Bartlett according to court documents, first worked for the club as administrative manager.

The theft began shortly after she was named chief executive in April 2016.

Ms Gair said Rumbles took £7,801 in 2016, followed by £764.40 in 2017.

The amounts then rose to £10,460 in 2018 and £26,814 in 2019.

Rumbles no longer lives in Moray, having moved to Coatbridge near Glasgow after his offenses came to light.

Sheriff Cruickshank said he would withhold sentencing until a background report has been compiled on his situation by social workers.

He also authorized her release on bail until November 28, when she is due back in court.

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