Football management simulation GOAL! – Club manager revealed today

For years, Football Manager has been the closest thing to real football management. GOAL! – The club manager intends to change all that and is trying to knock Football Manager off the top spot with a release later this year. Her first trailer, screenshots, and full scope details are below. If you have the time to inform your readers, that would be great.

In line with German managers like Jürgen Klopp and Thomas Tuchel, GOAL! – The Club Manager is destined to be a fan favorite when it releases later this year. Published by Toplitz Productions and 2tainment, GOAL! is the international version of the latest entry in the long-running hit ANSTOSS franchise.

This credo sums up this GOAL perfectly! – The Club Manager means for everyone involved. The 2tainment development team is made up of die-hard football fans and avid players from past franchises. Their aim: to provide a gaming experience that evokes the spirit of Anstoss 3 (for many fans not only the best entry in the series but still considered one of the best football managers of all times), while integrating all modern challenges and achievements. who make the beautiful game what it is today. You are not limited to deciding the team, training or tactics. With GOAL! you are involved in finances, you take care of scouting the next talents in your youth system, you are responsible for transfers and the overall financial health of your club – while also managing your personal career.

This is the game for the fans, who devoutly follow their team every weekend, eagerly awaiting who will be chosen for the starting XI. For the fans, who celebrate every win, lament every loss, and tell everyone why their team isn’t succeeding and what should be done differently.

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