Elon Musk draws farting unicorn to showcase Tesla’s new Sketch Pad feature

Of course, the new software update for Tesla cars has a hidden feature. Of course, this is a sketchbook.

And of course, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the feature with a design of what appears to be a farts unicorn.


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Musk shared two drawings, the other being a slightly disgruntled Mona Lisa, with a signature and all.

We will leave it up to the cruel, cruel world of Twitter to criticize them. As for how to get the sketchbook in your Tesla, Musk also shared this: triple-tap the T on your Tesla’s center screen.

A user recorded a video showing the sketchbook in practice. Interestingly, when you’re done doodling, you don’t have the option to save your file; instead, you can either quit or “submit your work to Tesla”, whatever that means. Maybe we’ll see a gallery of the best sketchbook doodles soon?

Easter eggs on new versions of Tesla software have now become a tradition. Previously, we’ve seen one that displays your virtual Tesla on a Mario Kart Rainbow Road, while a much more elaborate trick turns the car into a Christmas light show miracle.

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