Club employees plead guilty to supplying drugs – News Of The Area

A manager and bartender at SHOAL Bay Country Club have pleaded guilty to supplying drugs to the Port Stephens premises.

The two club employees both pleaded guilty to supplying drugs in Raymond Terrace Local Court.

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Gareth Ian Wilkinson, 42, a group manager for Zenith Hotels, mainly worked at Shoal Bay Country Club and was off duty on the night of April 29 when he was seen offering to sell 0.8 gram of cocaine to a club patron for $300. .

In a police statement of facts presented to the court, Wilkinson went to contact his “upstream supplier”, who was said to be somewhere at the scene.

When the supplier could not be found, Wilkinson told the guest to call him the next day, giving them his number.

Dean Howard Denehy, also 42, was working at the club as a wine shop and bartender, and was also on leave when police caught him offering to supply club patrons with cocaine.

Police recorded him offering 1.25 grams of white powder in two separate resealable plastic bags for $650.

Laboratory analysis revealed that the powder contained cocaine with a purity of approximately 12%.

That same evening, he sold 1.67 grams of white powder for $600, containing cocaine at 13.5% purity.

Mr Denehy told police at the time of his arrest that he had no recollection of the night in question and had no knowledge of the drug supply, but later admitted when given a visual prompt he was involved.

The pair were caught by police attached to the Port Stephens-Hunter Police Drug Unit, who were monitoring the scene and recording them offering drugs to hotel guests. They were arrested several weeks later, on July 14, and remain on strict bail.

A 32-year-old woman, Carissa Sharpe, who was arrested at the same time, has pleaded not guilty to one count of supplying drugs.

By Tara Campbell

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