Finally, a lot of classical music and opera to hear this season

THE PASSAGE Few musical organizations generate as many new works while performing at such a high standard as this choir, conducted with great distinction by Donald Nally. Their “Motion Studies” program includes works by Justine F. Chen (based on Jena Osman’s poem on surveillance), Nicholas Cline and Gabriel Kahane. (The …

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How music can literally heal the heart

In a maverick method, nephrologist Michael Field taught medical students to decipher different heart murmurs using their stethoscopes, trills, appoggiatures, and decrescendos to describe the distinctive sounds of heart valves closing and blood flowing. flows through the leaky valves in the plumbing troubles of the heart. . Separately, in music …

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PearlPalooza music and YogaPalooza return to Albany on Saturday

PearlPalooza returns on Saturday, with a selection of groups focused on the Capital Region as well as headliner Slothrust. After going virtual last year, organizers decided to bring it back in person this time around. Presented by SEFCU, in association with WEQX, The Downtown Albany Business Improvement District (BID) and …

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