9 talented dancing couples take the stage for 10th season of Dancing with the Stars of the Ohio Valley

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – 9 talented couples dance the night away in Dancing with the Ohio Valley Stars. It’s the 10th anniversary, but only one couple walk away with the grand prize at the end.

It’s a big night that many of us have been waiting for, especially if you like a good night out dancing. Dancing with the Ohio Valley Stars from season 10 is back… a year late due to COVID.

But for the Augusta Levy Learning Center, the show must go on, all for a special cause.

“It’s been huge over the past 10 years, and we hope it will be the biggest year yet. “

Staci Stephen, Augusta Levy Learning Center

The big dance is fast approaching… the one you won’t want to forget.

“Each year has been spectacular. It’s a super fun and exciting night, and we’re really excited.

Staci Stephen, Augusta Levy Learning Center

The Dancing with the Ohio Valley Stars has been in the works for 10 years.

It all started in a small room with only 4 couples. But it’s grown to 9 couples 10 years later, all of them bringing warmth with at least one familiar face you’ve seen on 7 News.

“I always made music growing up, so I can keep a beat and kind of keep a beat. So I think it will help a lot.

WTRF meteorologist Aaron Myler

WTRF meteorologist Aaron Myler is certainly He was no stranger to the dance scene during his high school days, but coming away with big earnings is something he plans to go to great lengths for.

“I think the point is to have fun, have a good time, really get up and have fun and make a little fun of yourself in the process, but I’m still planning on crushing the competition, and just win the whole thing.

WTRF meteorologist Aaron Myler

Aaron Myler will show off his signature dance moves with other local celebrities, even West Virginia Senator Ryan Weld.

But beyond that, the big dance-off will return, like every year.

“It’s a super fun night. It’s a fun family event. You can be the children. You can bring your parents, and it’s for the benefit of the autistic kids of the Ohio Valley. It’s for a good cause.

Staci Stephen, Augusta Levy Learning Center

100% of proceeds go to children with autism who attend the Augusta Levy Center.

If you would like to see the dance yourself, you can purchase the tickets from the Capitol Theater website.

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