Episode 1987

Should We Consult with Dead Ancestors?

Heaven & Hell
What do the Scriptures say about communicating with dead ancestors? Pastor John explains four truths about God and the sufficiency of his revelation.
Episode 1986

Can Pro-Life Advocates Lie to Save Lives?

With so much at stake in the fight against abortion, can pro-life advocates use doctrinal falsehoods to persuade parents to keep their babies?
Episode 1985

John Piper on ChatGPT

Life of the Mind
Intelligence without affection is barren, mechanical — even artificial. Pastor John reflects on his ministry in the light of developing AI technologies.
Episode 1984

Is It Sinful to Be Unhappy?

Given Paul’s command to “rejoice always,” do we sin when we lack joy? Pastor John offers a simple answer with three crucial qualifications.
Episode 1983

Is Joy a Choice or a Feeling?

Genuine joy in God is far deeper than a choice we make. Even so, our actions can help or hinder the spontaneous experience of joy.
Episode 1982

What Old Testament Promises Are for Me?

The Covenants
Can new-covenant Christians claim old-covenant promises? As long as we keep some key distinctions in mind, we not only can, but should.
Episode 1981

Evidence for the Cross and Resurrection

Evidence for the Faith
God has not left us without evidence for the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. But evidence alone will never open the eyes of the blind.
Episode 1980

Does God Love Us Simply for His Glory?

The Glory of God
God-centered theology can raise all kinds of questions about God’s love for us. Pastor John asks and answers nine of them.
Episode 1979

If Sin’s Penalty Is Eternal, Why Isn’t Jesus Still Suffering?

The Death of Christ
If the penalty for sin is eternal punishment, how could Jesus’s finite sufferings pay the price of our redemption?
Episode 1978

Six Reasons Jesus Left Earth After Easter

The Supremacy of Christ
Why did Jesus leave earth after his resurrection? Pastor John gives six reasons for Jesus’s ascension to the Father’s right hand.