Episode 1316

What Does Jesus Mean by ‘I Never Knew You’?

Assurance of Salvation
When Jesus says, “I never knew you,” he means, “I don’t recognize you as my disciple, as my follower. You are a spiritual stranger to me.”
Episode 1161

How Does ‘Willful Sinning’ Threaten My Salvation?

All sin involves the will. But continuing to sin deliberately — with eagerness and persistence — will destroy the soul.
Episode 1170

God’s Sovereign Plans Behind Your Most Unproductive Days

God’s priorities for efficiency in this life are not ours. His aim is not to provide the most direct route, but to sanctify the traveler.
Episode 1292

What Is the Rapture?

Heaven & Hell, End Times
Will Christians be raptured before the tribulation? Or will we rise to meet the Lord only at his final coming?
Episode 102

Can a Born-Again Christian Lose Salvation?

Perseverance of the Saints
A born-again person cannot be unborn again. If God has called you by name, he is faithful to keep you until the end.
Episode 1291

Will We Meet Jesus as Soon as We Die?

We often say that our dead loved ones are with Jesus now. But Paul seems to say that Christians will meet Jesus at the second coming. Which is right?
Special Episode

How Have You Processed the Sin of Ravi Zacharias?

How might Christians process the failures of once-beloved figures like Ravi Zacharias? Pastor John draws out lessons from the ministries of fallen leaders.
Episode 191

Would You Attend a Gay Wedding?

Christians do not celebrate what dishonors Christ. Pastor John gives five reasons why he would not attend a so-called same-sex wedding.
Special Episode

How Do We Make Sense of the Coronavirus?

Suffering, Natural Disasters
How can Christians make sense of the coronavirus, which has infected and killed so many people all throughout the world? Pastor John offers four biblical realities.
Episode 1486

Why Does Christ Want Some Not to Believe?

If God desires all people to be saved, why did Jesus sometimes speak in a way that kept people from believing?