Episode 1997

Learning for Those Who Don’t Love Learning

Life of the Mind
The apostle Peter calls Christians to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. But how might we grow in knowledge if we don’t enjoy the process of learning?
Episode 1996

How Thanksgiving Shapes Your Life Story

At the heart of our unbelief lies not only our refusal to glorify God, but our refusal to thank him. Apart from grace, we take the gifts and ignore the Giver.
Episode 1995

How Does Learning Deepen Joy?

Education, Life of the Mind
What role should emotions play in Christian education? If we take our cue from Scripture, appropriate feelings will be central, not peripheral, to all our learning.
Episode 1994

Learning in a World Blind to God

Life of the Mind
God communicates through not just his word, but also his world. Christian learning presses deeply into the Bible, but the stars have something to say as well.
Episode 1993

How to Lead Teens Deeper into Their Bibles

How can youth leaders lead teens deeper into their Bibles? By teaching with an eye on language, a heart for reality, and a knack for question-asking.
Episode 1992

How Can I Return to Normal Life After Tragedy?

Seasons of affliction, however painful or even deadening they may feel, do not last forever. God will restore the souls he has saved.
Episode 1991

Hoping in God When Our Heroes Die

Spiritual Leadership
Godly pastors and leaders are a tremendous gift to Christ’s church. So, how do we keep hoping in God when our spiritual heroes die?
Episode 1990

How Can I Kill My Selfishness?

Killing Sin
If you want to kill your selfishness, focus on more than your selfishness. Fill your soul to overflowing with Christ.
Episode 1989

What Do We Celebrate on Reformation Day?

The Glory of God, Church History
Over five hundred years after Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses, what do we celebrate on Reformation Day? Pastor John traces five of the Reformation’s greatest recoveries.
Episode 1988

Is My Painting Hobby a Wartime Waste?

The Unwasted Life
When do our hobbies glorify God, and when do they become a wartime waste? Pastor John offers three guiding questions to ask of any hobby.